Zoology Department

Department of Zoology


Zoology (also known as animal science) is the branch ofbiology devoted to the study of animal life. It covers areas ranging from thestructure of organisms to the subcellular unit of life. Some zoologists areinterested in the biology of particular groups of animals. Others are concernedwith the structure and function of animal bodies. Still others study how newanimals are formed and how their characteristics are passed on from onegeneration to another.

The study of zoology includes the interaction of animalkingdom in their ecosystems such as classification, habits, structure,  embryology, distribution, evolution, andextinct species.

Zoology is the division of biology that deals with theanimal kingdom. It is the scientific study related to the entire species of theanimal kingdom.

An ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was a first-personto broadly classify the living things in the 4th century BC. Firstly he dividedliving things into animals and plants and then continued with his furtherclassifications. Later the words like biology, botany, and zoology came intoexistence.

The study of zoology includes animals physiology,  their behaviour, and their interaction withother species in their environment. It is a huge course that includes thedistribution of every animal species on earth including extinct animals. Apartfrom the animal kingdom and ecosystem, zoology also explores the new areas ofresearch.