The vision of this college is to makeall round development among the Students through Education; this collegerepresents the rural area. To promote Human value by giving quality educationto the youth here. Leadership development, entrepreneurship and skilldevelopment among the youth has to move forward with full Commitment to adaptto the times while making awareness towards the national interest.


The following mission has been made torealize the mission of the College. :-

(1)   To explain the usefulness of theCourse along with completing the Syllabus to give quality Education to theyounger generation.

(2)   To inculcate in the students aComprehensive view of the world or life through extra Curricular activities.

(3)   To inspire and motivate the Studentsfor the promotion of human values through various Courses.

(4)   Connecting with the Community forleadership and Character building among Students.

(5)   To make the Students aware of theSociety and the nation, to motivate them for the Knowledge of the thenenvironment and to make them aware of the environment.

(6)   To promote skill development andentrepreneurship among Students.

(7)   To encourage the Students to achievethe goal in the mindset of difficulties and problems.