The Department offers B.A in History with Politics and Economics as Subsidiaries. Besides this, it handles the subsidiary papers of British History and World History of B.A English Main and Modern Indian History for BA Economics. The Department had a good collection of Library books which have now been shifted to the General Library as part of the centralization process.

Historyis actually the study of the process of leadership formation of caste, in whichwe study the periphery of the geographical situation and the gradualdevelopment taking place in the background of cultural, political, sociology-economic, religious and linguistic environment, this whole process isactive and alive. From era to age, each path and stage of human development isinextricably related to each other in order of tomorrow, so that the continuousidentity remains intact. As a result, the entire past blossoms into thepresent. The present is an appendix quantity to the past. The link between thedistant past and the bleak future is the present. We get a glimpse of thegolden history of a country only from the few receivable facts of the past, theremains, the signs and the images.