English is the most spoken language all over the world.There are many reasons why English is so important. One of the reasons is thatwhether you are looking for a new job or planning to travel the world, studyingEnglish can help you progress in life both personally and professionally. Youcan compete in the global job market, may international businesses conductmeetings in English, Universities teach courses in English and around theworld, tourist and travelers increase your career skill and start to meetpeople around the world. EnglishLiterature refers to the study of texts from around the world, written in the Englishlanguage. By study in degree in English Literature, you will learn how to analyzemultitude of texts and write clearly using several different styles. Generally,literature refers to different types of text including novels, non-fiction, poetry,and plays, among other forms However, literature is a contested term,as newmediums for communication providedifferent types of contemporary literature.